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Health Benefits of Tea

30th May 2017

Here at Tea from the Manor we’re always trying to be a bit healthier, although we don’t always manage it, going to afternoon tea tasting with lots of delicious cakes! If you’re trying to be healthy like us tea can be an easy way to make a postitive change to your diet.

Green Tea

This is a must for all! Green tea helps boost your metabolism - the process of turning food into energy – where as a slow metabolism will allow you to put on extra weight. Have a cup of Green Tea before exercising and the caffeine will help you to work out for longer, producing better results.

Chun Mee Loose Leaf Tea  Gunpowder Loose Leaf Tea

                                Chun Mee                                                                 Gunpowder

If you are a seasoned Green Tea drinker go for our Gunpowder Tea. A stronger green tea that has tightly rolled leaves which unfurl in hot water. For a lighter taste opt for our Chun Mee, a very smooth Green Tea with a much more subtle taste


White Tea

White tea retains antioxidants and also has anti – aging properties, this helps the skin looking healthy. White tea also has antibacterial properties to help you fight illness!

Silver Needle Loose Leaf Tea

                           Silver Needle 


Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea works well after exercise as it is a very calming tea and settles the stomach. Many people with irritable bowel syndrome take this tea for medicinal purposes and it is a great tea for general digestive health. Our peppermint black is a combination of peppermint and black tea and is therefore uplifting and soothing, helping to settle the stomach while giving you a little boost. 

Peppermint Black

                        Peppermint Black 


Fruit and Herbal Tea

Fruit tea is full of antioxidants and helps boost the immune system, keeping those sick days at a minimum! They are also a great alternative to sugary drinks for children. To make an iced tea wait till the tea has cooled down, pour over ice and serve with no sugar needed!



                               Red Berries 

Camomile tea also comes under this category, known to calm the nervous system and soothe skin irritations such as ezema and acne. With this tea you’ll be in for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Camomile Loose Tea

                            Camomile Tea 


Black Tea

If you just want a ‘normal brew’ don’t worry, research has shown that black tea is also good for you! The antioxidants have been shown to lower cholesterol and it has the most caffine so it’s a good pick me up during those early mornings. Black tea is also the most common variety of tea so means you have more choice!  

We have:

English Breakfast 

Earl Grey


Lapsang Souchong 

and many more. We also have a decaffinated black tea for those who are caffine free! 


Let us know on our facebook page, instagram and twitter which tea you prefer!!

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