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Tea from The Manor brings the finest full leaf teas from the best tea gardens around the world to delight the palates of its customers. Our loose and bagged teas are of the finest grade and taken by those seeking a first class tea experience and passionate about tea!

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Christmas tea

Christmas in a cup!

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“The difference in taste of whole leaf tea is, quite simply, memorable.” – James Green

About us…

Tea from The Manor Story

The beginnings of Tea from The Manor is a delightfully simple story.

James Green was a Military man, starting his army career in the Royal Horse Artillery before spending many years active service in Northern Ireland, Hong Kong and Cyprus.

Tea is central to a life of soldiering in good times and times of conflict. This interest in tea stayed with James in “civvy street” and became a passion that sparked the founding of Tea from The Manor.

Today, Tea from The Manor brings the finest full leaf teas from the best tea gardens around the world to delight the palates of its customers. Our loose and bagged teas are of the finest grade and taken by those seeking a first class tea experience - passionate about tea!

James (left) meets the “top brass” on patrol in Northern Ireland.

“You drink a lot of tea when you’re in the armed forces, in the good times and at times of conflict, so I'm passionate about tea as a result.” – James Green

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Stocking and Selling Tea from The Manor Teas

Tea from The Manor provides loose and silky bagged teas. We are stocked by tea rooms, hotels, restaurants, garden centres - anywhere that loves tea! If you’d like to stock our teas to sell or add them to your tea menu, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Tea from The Manor is committed to the highest standards and will always go the extra mile to give you and your customers an unmatched service.

To arrange a tea tasting please click here.

Our tea…

A superior experience

The difference in taste of whole leaf tea is, quite simply, memorable. Whole leaves retain their natural oil and give a richness of flavour that is merely hinted at in lower grade teas. Each tea has its own distinctive character, “brisk”, “bright”, “full” are just some of the taste notes found in our teas - never “dull’, “harsh” or “tainted”! Our blends have been perfected by James to create classic combinations or exciting new flavours. Custom blends are a specialism.

Tea of the month…

Christmas tea

Christmas in a cup!

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Loose or silky bags

Our teas are either single leaf or blends and all are available loose with a selection also available in silky bags. Using silky pyramid tea bags maximises infusion and taste. Bags are biodegradable and staple free to eliminate oxidation. We also have a range of tea accessories to help achieve the perfect infusion - tea pots, infusers, strainers and caddies.


Loose leaf teas

Browse our selection of loose leaf teas or take a look through our full tea menu >

Silky tea bags

Tea pile

English Breakfast

A blend of Ceylon and Assam tea. Full bodied with a coppery coloured brightness.

Earl Grey

Large leaf black China tea scented with bergamot oil.

Yunnan Green

A traditional fragrant green tea with a distinctive yet delicate taste. The leaf is attractive, large and twisted with a little tip.

Chai Spice

A mixture of Assam tea, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, ginseng, ginko and rooibos.

Darjeeling Leaf (Quality)

From West Bengal, India. The Champagne of teas. A fruity, floral aroma, thin bodied and lightly coloured, it is widely acknowledged to be the finest of teas.

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Camomile Flower

Essential oils in flowers produce a soothing, pleasant aroma and a fruity character. A beautiful yellow cup, which gives way to a sweet, surprisingly juicy flavour of Camomile.

Red Berries

A fruit blend consisting of hibiscus, rosehip, apple pieces and orange peel.

Green Peppermint

Famous for its refreshing virtues and with a delicate, natural mint scent. You will appreciate the fresh taste of our blend.


Our English Breakfast blend with only a hint of caffeine remaining.

Lemon and Ginger

Lemon, joined by ginger, creates a harmonious blend. Lemon brings a zesty zing followed by the warming spice of the ginger.

Loose teas

The perfect cup of tea…

What makes a great tea?

Tea Type Measure per person (tsp) Recommended brewing time (mins) Recommeded water temperature (°C)
Black 1 2-3 85
Black blend 1 2-3 85
Green 1 1 75
Green blend 1 1 75
White 1.5 4 70
Oolong 1 13 85
Rooibos 1.5 4-5 95
Fruit/herbal 1.5 4-5 95

There are five quality groups for tea. They are listed below in descending order of quality. At Tea from The Manor we only take the top three grades from the finest whole leaf and flowers tea grade - that’s over 20 grades above dust – the quality found in most “everyday” tea bags!

  • Whole Leaf & Flowers (4 grades)
  • Whole Leaf (4 grades)
  • Broken Leaf (11 grades)
  • Fanning (6 grades)
  • Dust (2 grades)

The great tea growing regions of the world produce tea for most of the year, but each area has its best months when the finest teas are made. Again, Tea from The Manor only buys in these peak quality months.

Northern India, the worlds most important tea producer and source of “the champagne of teas” Darjeeling, is a good example – the slopes of the Himalaya produce their best in early March and June, whilst Java produces its best tea in September and China in March and April.

Loose tea…with our loose leaf tea

Place the desired amount of tea into your favourite tea pot, add freshly boiled water and brew for the recommended time. If infusing two or more teas together follow the brewing time for the tea with the shortest length of time.

Using a strainer, pour into your favourite cup and add milk, sugar, honey or lemon if desired.

Our teas are of such high quality that the same leaves can be infused a second time. On the second brewing different subtleties of the delicate flavours will be released. The longer you steep the first infusion, the less times you will be able to re-steep your leaves. To prevent the leaves from becoming bitter the tea should be strained completely between infusions.

heat water to recommended temperature leave to brew for 1-5 mins add milk, sugar, honey or lemon Milk Sugar Honey Lemon

…with our silky tea bags

Place the silky teabag into your favourite cup or if making for more than one person, add one tea bag per person into your best tea pot, add freshly boiled water and brew for the recommended time.

Add milk, sugar, honey or lemon if desired.

Loose tea


Heart-shaped tea

Drink your tea in style

The theatre of tea! Making a cup of tea can be a simple or grand affair, but always a ritual. These high quality accessories have been selected to make life a little easier and definitely nicer!

Browse through our stylish accessories below…

  • Glass Storage Jar – £10.00

    Individual jars with clip top seal for storage and display

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  • Tea Caddy – £9.60

    Available in small and medium.

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  • Tea Caddy Spoon – £4.80

    Shell-shaped, teapot-ended caddy spoon - essential for the perfect...

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  • Tea Spoons (4) – £10.80

    4 tea spoons approx 12cm in length, each with a delightfully...

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  • Tea Strainer – £9.00

    Beautiful tea strainer with exquisite detailing and rest.

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  • Teapot – £16.20

    Teapot with integrated infuser.

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The Tea Pod - for hire!

Tea Pod back

Our custom made show trailer

Enquire now   > The Tea from The Manor “tea pod” our custom built show trailer makes a stir at every show and is available for hire. For festivals and food shows the pod is a stand-out display, complete with vintage tea urn for keeping a brew on the go. Our stylish Raj marquee is also available for hire and provides the perfect setting for afternoon tea! Contact us for hire rates and facilities.

Tea Pod side
Tea Pod garden
Tea Pod inside
Under marquee

Keep up to date with the latest from Tea from the Manor…

24th June 2018

Darjeeling Tea and Climate Change

Darjeeling tea is struggling to grow recently due to climate change. With hotter weather and rainfall becoming sporadic it has been harder to grown Darjeeling tea in recent years. Sumon Majumder, a senior tea taster with Darjeeling Impex Ltd said “The production of Darjeeling tea has come down drastically…In 2012, the annual tea production stood at 10 million kg, which fell to 9 million kg in 2017.”

The bud is breaking earlier in the year due to the rise in temperature so tea plantation owners have been encouraged to grown ‘shade trees’ to protect the tea plants from the sun. However, the harsh rain has ruined some of the first flush. The root of the problem has been massive deforestation in addition to pollution in the area.

Tea garden owners are beginning to understand the damage that the tea plants are having to cope with and are being advised on how to combat this.

Tea From The Manor are still receiving Darjeeling tea, but at a reduced rate. Order soon to secure your delivery!


Darjeeling Tea and Climate Change

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